A little bit hand made and a little bit of technology forms what is one of the most functional and comfortable holsters you'll ever use.  The process is fairly time consuming but the results are well worth the wait. 

A single flat sheet of kydex which is known for it's properties of low friction, durability, lightness is heated to a specific temperature to a more pliable state. The kydex is thermo-molded and sculpted over a mold of your specific model of magazine or firearm. 

Once everything is cooled off, the kydex is shaped into the most slim, durable and form fitting holster you've ever seen. The excess Kydex is trimmed from the mold and hand finished and refined to near perfection with various tools..  

Depending on your preference the belt attachments are fitted into place.  Adjustable retention is added to the holster, you'll be able to make it as tight as you would like or as smooth and loose as needed.

The holster is test fitted and adjusted as need be. Afterwards the holster is packaged and shipped to your door.