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Do You Really Need a Magazine (mag) Holster?

For gun enthusiasts and concealed carry practitioners alike, the debate rages on: do you really need a magazine holster? This guide breaks down the considerations you should make before making your decision.

Do You Really Need a Magazine Holster? Should You Carry an Extra Magazine?

Before diving into the "how," it's important to address the "why." Carrying an extra magazine ensures that you have additional ammunition at the ready. Whether for unforeseen malfunctions, extended self-defense scenarios, or simply peace of mind, an extra magazine can be an essential part of your carry setup.

How Should You Carry Your Extra Mag?

Once you've decided to carry an extra magazine, the next consideration is how you intend to carry it. Loose in a pocket? In a designated pouch on your belt? Or integrated into your holster? Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros and Cons of a Holster With Mag Pouch

An integrated holster with a mag pouch offers a streamlined way to carry both your firearm and an extra magazine.

Holster With Mag Pouch Pros:

  • Convenience: One unit for both your firearm and magazine simplifies your carry setup.

  • Speed: An adjacent magazine pouch can lead to quicker reloads during high-stress situations.

  • Consistency: With practice, muscle memory will allow you to retrieve your magazine from the same spot every time.

Holster With Mag Pouch Cons:

  • Bulk: The added magazine can make the holster bulkier, potentially affecting concealability.

  • Weight Distribution: Depending on design and position, the additional magazine may cause the holster to sag or become unbalanced.

Concealed Carry Magazine Holster: Pros and Cons

A dedicated concealed carry magazine holster offers an alternative to the integrated holster + mag pouch design.

Concealed Carry Magazine Holder Pros:

  • Flexibility: Separate holsters mean you can position your firearm and magazine where they're most comfortable and accessible for you.

  • Discretion: Dedicated magazine holsters are often designed for deep concealment, ensuring your spare ammo remains hidden.

  • Modularity: If you decide to carry multiple magazines, separate holsters give you more flexibility in how they're arranged.

Concealed Carry Magazine Holster Cons:

  • Multiple Components: More parts to manage can complicate your daily carry routine.

  • Potential for Movement: If not secured properly, a magazine holster can shift, making it difficult to access the mag when needed.

  • Additional Cost: Purchasing a separate firearm holster and magazine holster may be more expensive than an integrated option.


The decision to use a magazine holster—and which type—boils down to personal preference, your daily activities, and the scenarios you're preparing for. Whether you opt for an integrated holster and mag pouch or a separate concealed carry magazine holder, the key is consistent practice to ensure smooth, efficient reloads.


Ready to decide on the right magazine holster for your needs? Explore our diverse range and find a setup that's perfect for you.


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