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How to Carry a Magazine Holster

When carrying a firearm, having extra ammunition accessible can be crucial, especially for law enforcement, security personnel, or even well-prepared private citizens. Magazine holsters play a vital role in making sure that these extra rounds are just a quick reach away. However, how you carry them can make a significant difference in your comfort and accessibility. This guide will walk you through the process.

Decide Whether You Prefer a Horizontal or Vertical Magazine Holster

Before you decide how to wear your magazine holster, it's essential to pick a style:

  • Horizontal Magazine Holster: These lie flat, parallel to your belt. They're more discreet and can be more comfortable while seated but may require a bit more maneuvering to draw the magazine.

  • Vertical Magazine Holster: These hang down perpendicular to your belt, making them easier for quick grabs but might be less comfortable when sitting, especially if worn in the front.

The choice largely depends on personal comfort, ease of access, and the situations in which you'll find yourself most often.

Wear a Gun Belt That Can Support the Extra Weight

Magazine holsters, especially when full, add extra weight to your belt. Regular fashion belts may sag or warp under this weight. Opt for a sturdy gun belt made to distribute the weight of both your firearm and extra magazines evenly.

Find a Good Spot on Your Gun Belt for the Magazine Holster

Positioning is key. Some popular spots include:

  • Directly Opposite Your Firearm: This provides balance and makes it easy to reach across your body to access your magazine.

  • In Front of Your Firearm (Appendix Position): Great for quick access but can be less comfortable when seated.

  • Behind Your Firearm: This is a more discreet position but can be a bit more challenging to access, especially under stress.

Always practice drawing your magazine from its holster, ensuring you can access it smoothly and without fumbling.

What if You Want to Carry More Than One Magazine Holster?

It's not uncommon to want multiple magazines at the ready. If you decide to carry more than one:

  • Prioritize Balance: Distributing the weight across your belt prevents discomfort and maintains a sleek profile.

  • Stagger the Holsters: Instead of placing them side by side, stagger them around your waist to maximize space and ease of access.

  • Practice Your Draw: The last thing you want is to fumble between two magazines in a critical situation. Regular practice ensures that you can smoothly draw from any holster you wear.


Carrying a magazine holster is about more than just having extra rounds—it's about comfort, accessibility, and preparation. With the right holster and positioning, you'll be prepared for any situation without compromising on comfort.

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